Empowering Success: True Potential's Mission

“You don’t know it until you go through it, even if you are told.”

- Ventson Donelson

Ventson Donelson

Ventson Donelson will empower you with his inspirational story. His certifications and business competencies include Life Coach, Motivational Interviewing, Employment Counselling and the use of over 30 years of proven analytical assessment tools.

Ventson has a passion for and is dedicated to helping athletes and reaches out to offer his experience and skills to corporate training rooms and agencies in the community, nationally and internationally. His goal is to use his Competitive Edge experience and training to help others reach their goals and develop the mindset required to achieve their TRUE POTENTIAL.

Ventson has faced many life-altering challenges, including having his professional football career end prematurely due to a severe head and eye injury. Ventson knows too well how quickly life can take a turn for the worst and send you spiralling into a negative place. Yet, throughout all of these trials and tribulations, he was able to refocus, set new goals and dreams, and passion.

After having it all and losing it all, Ventson returned to the relentless mindset he developed at a young age to rise again and find new and exciting success.

Ventson will share the tools and mindset he used to regenerate his empowerment and help you overcome the obstacles preventing yourself and your team from Owning that Competitive Edge you need to reach your True Potential.

He Built a Successful Career as a Professional Athlete

Playing 11 years of professional football in both the NFL and CFL. He played 9 years of those for the Regina based Saskatchewan Roughriders where he still calls home. He did it all. With his relentless mindset he trained hard, played with passion and determination to sustain an 11 years career in professional football while maintain a balance between career and family. He travelled, played hard, and is living his life to the fullest.

After a Serious Injury, He Lost It All

In an instant, his professional career came to a screeching halt. After facing a serious head and eye injury he had to rebuild his life. With a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) everything changes. He had to work on his body, relationships, and his mindset.

He Built a Relentless Mindset

The only thing that is certain in life is that everything is uncertain! It’s easy to allow yourself to become defeated, but he had the knowledge and skills to build his own relentless mindset and has worked with hundreds of individuals and teams to build their own.

Coaching experience

This former NFL and CFL football player is currently a Defensive Backs Coach with the University of Regina Rams football team. He has coached for 16 years and has coached championship teams at the local, provincial, and national levels. With 25 championships combined between playing and coaching, Ventson has the mindset of a champion.

He has been a volunteer for Regina Minor Football offering his expertise to our youth and upcoming future stars.

He has been a life coach, motivational speaker and employment counsellor for more than 10 years. He has been contracted by numerous post-secondary education institutions, corporations, government agencies and sports teams throughout the country.

Interview with Glen Suitor & Ventson Donelson

Motivational Speaking

It’s all about the bounceback. Ventson Donelson’s inspiring talk will leave audiences motivated and inspired with actionable tools to build the career, life and mindset to activate their True Potential. So get ready to build skills to last a lifetime!

Ventson takes his talk beyond the podium and onto the field and into the office. As a certified life coach and DiSC facilitator, Ventson offers assessments, group workshops, and one-on-one coaching. With decades of experience in employment counselling, he will equip teams to find the right employees, understand themselves and others, and enjoy their careers on a deeper level. In addition, he works with athletes to build personal values that develop a mindset to achieve on and off the field.


Are you Ready?

One on One Coaching

  • Understand Yourself
  • Understand Others
  • Build a Relentless Mindset

Group Coaching

  • Build an understanding of self and others
  • Understand the impact of your actions on team dynamics
  • Build skills to improve communication and increase employee satisfaction!

Let’s find your True Potential today!


Career Coach and Motivational Speaker serving Regina, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Alberta, and Edmonton, Alberta.