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Mark Monconkey

“The work we are doing with Ventson will impact how we coach and communicate with our athletes.”

Kendra Strong Garcia, Director, Students Engagements & Learning Services

I had the privilege of experiencing Ventson Donelson's powerful and inspiring message as a public speaker, and I can confidently say that he is a true force of motivation and inspiration. Ventson's dynamic and energetic speaking style instantly grabs your attention and keeps you captivated throughout his entire presentation.

Mona Hill, Rainbow Therapeutic Counselling, Mental health Therapist

I met Ventson over coffee about 8 years ago. What struck me about the man who I realized quickly, was far from ordinary, was the consummate dedication to his work with inmates at the Regina Correctional Centre. Our discussion explored how we might collaborate to help those chosen men to better understand and believe in themselves enough to prevent future recidivism.

As we became fast friends, he willingly agreed to bring his powerful message of hope for the future to the young high school dropouts, who I worked with as a Social Worker in an Adult Education program.

Over the years I have witnessed Ventson’s consistent commitment to helping young people discover their own true potential in every part of their lives. My deep admiration and respect for the dynamic fortitude he uses and models to others in everything he sets his mind to is unwavering.

Tanis Orr, Mind MY Biz, Director


I am a head coach of an all-female ringette team.  Ventson came out to do a motivational speech with my U16 team.  I was a bit nervous if a team of young females would respond to a former male football player. It was absolutely amazing. My team was motivated and inspired. I could not believe how well they responded.  Ventson displayed vulnerability which enabled the girls to relate to him on so many levels. I highly recommend Ventson for any group regardless of age or gender! He will motivate them!


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