True Potential Weights and Speed Training (6 Weeks)

January 3 @ 8:00 am - March 29 @ 5:00 pm



  • Expert Guidance
  • Comprehensive Program
  • Cutting-edge Techniques
  • Performance Tracking
  • Increased Speed and Power
  • Injury Prevention
  • Electronic Testing
  • Improved Endurance
  • Enhanced Speed and Agility
  • Mental Toughness and Focus
  • 2 Consulting Performance Sessions
  • Combine Prep (Optional)


6 weeks $450 includes 6 week membership RSPC – 1 performance consulting session.
12 weeks $900 includes 3 month membership Regina Sports Performance Centre.
2 Performance consulting session.
Payment Option available


Jan 3, 5,8,10,12,15,17,19,22,24,26,29,
Feb: 2,5.7,9,12,14,16,26,28
March 1,4,6,8,11,13,15,18,20,22,25,27,29

Time 4pm-6pm


Regina Sport Performance Centre.

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